Tuesday, September 4, 2012


As social media continues to grow it is becoming more and more crucial for businesses, big and small, to be involved in a few different platforms.  It is equally important that these platforms are utilized effectively and efficiently.  There are a few platforms, in particular, that have the largest following and because of this they will be the best sites for any business to market themselves on.  In the article Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Businesses the author explains why Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are critical for a businesses success.  After reading a few articles, it is apparent that businesses are going to need to be proficient in many forms of social media.  Social media positions will increase and will be a crucial part of marketing teams.

With that said, I also read an article on wired.com, about the problem of fake "likes" on Facebook.  It has become of large problem that Facebook is really cracking down on.  In the article it talks about how fake "likes" helped to boost the companies standing, and made the companies look much more popular then they actually are.  This has backfired, making the public lose trust in the company and will now be less likely to purchase their products.  This also has shed a poor light on Facebook, causing people to lose trust in them.  People do not want to be a on social media site that allows fake profiles to be generated just to boost a companies standing.

It was really interesting to read about this topic, I believe that social media is going to continue to play a crucial role in marketing.  There will be a big demand for individuals who are knowledgeable and creative to run social media teams in every kind of business, it is an always changing topic, therefore companies will need to stay on top of the changes and will need to be educated in the evolution of social media.


  1. Very interesting! I am glad we are in this class and can learn more about how we can use facebook, twitter, and blogs to help our businesses succeed!

  2. I like the points you brought up. I saw that people could actually buy likes through a company online. It's good that people are noticing these things and finding them unethical.

  3. Interesting stuff, good to have people updated