Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I had a lot of fun reading about a lot of different apps that are available to download. I have an iPhone and I love it, but I am a very basic iPhone user.  I mainly text and call, I don't have very many apps, and the apps I do have are the basic apps that everyone has.  I found most of my apps on the "top 10 free" list in the app store.  I obviously don't put a lot of time or effort into my apps, so that is why I found "Top iPhone Applications" interesting.  It explained all of the useful and most popular apps, the article talks about an app called Instapaper, I thought it sounded so simple yet really cool and useful.  I often times will find an article that I want to read but have homework to do or need to go to work, what this app does is stores all articles, that you want to read later, in one spot. If you are on your computer and you find an article you can send it to your phone and store it with this app, so if you are standing in a long line you are able to pull it up on your phone. 
I found a video online, highlighting a couple new cool apps.  The app that I ended up downloading is called Vivo Need to focus?  It is a super simple app, the only purpose it has is to refocus you.  All you do is set a timer for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes then turn it on.  After that an alarm will go off telling you to refocus on what you should be doing.  Because I am just as guilty as the next person of getting on Facebook "really fast" and then 45 minutes later I am still looking around.  This app will definitely come in handing studying for finals!


  1. I am like you, I have an iphone but hardly any apps. In class yesterday, I was amazed at the apps the other students were showing. I guess the saying is true, "There's an app for that". I found a cool app called Flipboard, you should check it out.

  2. I don't have an iPhone but I use my iTouch for all my apps and things and I'm probably the same, my apps aren't too exciting. It's interesting how many apps there are! Great post!